Kaylaash Funeral Services

At Kaylaash Funeral Services you will be in contact with one contact person which makes it possible to realise a trustworthy and personal approach. Kaylaash Funeral Services has young and professional pandits. We also take care of all administration and a naav (assistent of the pandit). If you wish so we can also provide a complete pooja packet for the antyeshti sanskaar and the panchak shaanti pooja. Since a funeral is quite an expensive matter Kaylaash Funeral Services also offers you the possibility to choose from a range of low-priced coffins.

Within the Hindu tradition there are a couple of rituals which will be held before the cremation takes place: the bathing, kriya karm and pind daan. During the antyeshti sanskaar, the last rite, there is the possibility for chhahmaasi and vaarshik kriya. These are the periodic services after six months and after one year which can be done within ten days. On the tenth day it is possible to perform these rituals as well.

Click here for a list with necessaries for the deceased.
Click here for a list with necessaries for the last rite.

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